"A" - Mazzol & Arhythmic Perfection
15 pieces, 77 minutes.
GOWI Records, 1995

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All compositions were recorded by arhythmic perfection idea using Mazzoll's scores. The music was put direct to digital audio tape without overdubbing, splicing or repeated takes. Recorded live at "Mozg" (Brain) in Bydgoszcz.

Mazzoll - clarinet, bass clarinet, panpipe, vocal, conductor
Janusz Zdunek - trumpet
Slawomir Janicki - double bass
Jacek Majewski - percussion
Tomek Gwincinski - drums

"NEWBORN" - Perplex
23 pieces, 67 minutes 59 sec.
speakerListen to the recording.
"Whilst you are contemplaiting this disc, you might already have at least some idea of what you wont hear. This is always a most important moment - what will I hear? ...
Each piece taking on its own identity, sudden shift of sound and texture, the essence of improvised activity." Tony Oxley
Mazzoll (cl. b-cl, ss, as.), Heinrich "DOC" Chastca (bas), Stefan Holker (perc.). Recorded in Dortmund (D), 1995.


3 more Mazzoll's CD's will be here soon!
- "Out Out To Lunch"
- CD z Kazikiem
- Kury
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